Ryo Odagiri Has Tiny Asian Tits

Japan is sort of the class leader when it comes to Asian porn, with a huge market for sexy stuff. It’s sexy girls like Ryo Odagiri that make this all possible, stunningly hot, natural and very sexy Japanese girls with small tits and great love of sex. Ryo Odagiri has about a big A cup worth of tits American size (probably a 83B or so Japanese size, which is pretty darn petite). Her small tits still have some nice shape to them, and are full enough for squeezing and play. She loves to get off on camera, this girl has very sensitive nipples and can cum just from getting them flicked and sucked! Excellent!

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Japanese AV star Reika Shiina Sexy Tiny Tits

One of the amazing thing about Japanese girls is that they are so petite, that their tits always seem to look bigger than they are. Rika Shiina is a sexy supermodel and solo AV star who has a completely sexy petite body, she isn’t barely 5 feet tall, so you have to imagine that her breasts really are tiny asian tits. She is like a perfect little doll, she is tiny, and yet so sexy (and with the standard Japanese very hairy pussy!). She loves to show off, loves to tease, and her firm little tits are just prefect!

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